Two sides of a roundtable

2 September

Two sides of a roundtable.

I know you’re thinking ‘a roundtable doesn’t have sides,’ aren’t you? In this blog we are going to talk about the two sides to a roundtable. Not just any roundtable but a virtual roundtable.

The Virtual Roundtables hosted by Rela8 Group’s Technology Leaders Club have two sides: the delegate side and the host side. The roundtables are designed to give both sides a great experience and ensure that they get the most out of them. Too often such roundtables are geared to one side or the other. With us, it’s different.

Too often roundtables are geared to one side or the other. With Rela8 Group, they're different.
Technology Leaders Club

The delegate experience

Imagine sitting around a table with five or six people with a similar job title to you, working in a similar role, perhaps in a different industry. You hear someone tell a story about an incident or a challenge that you’ve just faced. Or they mention a scenario that is looming on your horizon. Or maybe they have a problem that you had to solve when you first started out. It’s good to have those conversations, isn’t it? Good to make connections where you can help people, or they can help you.

This is what happens at Rela8 Group’s Technology Leaders Club roundtables.

We watch stories being shared and connections being made.

Every single time.

Without fail.

Delegates attending the roundtables may not have a direct colleague that they can talk to about their challenges, frustrations and successes. By talking with their peers, fellow technology leaders like themselves, they can relax and share their knowledge, experience and occasionally a few horror stories too.

Run under the Chatham House Rule, which prohibits attribution, the roundtables are safe spaces. Under the guidance of our expert moderators, guests can give voice to problems and challenges. But most of all we have seen them to be supportive places where for 90 minutes you’re invited to say what you want to say, learn as much as possible and, yes, ask those questions that have been bugging you for a while, but you just didn’t know who to ask.

More often than not, LinkedIn details are shared for the connection to continue.

So, that’s the guests’ side of the equation. What’s the deal for our hosts? Well, apart from the warm glow of being the people who make all the above possible?

Technology Leaders Club virtual roundtable

The host experience

First and foremost, you are there at the roundtable. You share in the experiences and can offer your thoughts and solutions. You’re part of the discussion and you have direct access to the conversations as they occur. This isn’t a case of inventing personas or projecting customers’ pain points. You see the people and hear their pain directly.

The roundtable agenda is set by you to give you answers to burning questions about what CISOs, VPs of IT, Engineering, Architecture, etc. are currently experiencing.

We’ve identified a number of interesting themes arising from recent roundtables. Such as:

  • Is there a digital divide between executives and data workers? How much does this cost in terms of effective communication and decision-making?

  • Which takes precedence, business transformation or digital transformation? Is digital transformation a response to business dynamics or to advances in technology?

  • What if a security issue is really an infrastructure, architecture or other issue that opens up vulnerabilities? How do you get non-security professionals to own security as their issue?

Rela8 Group’s delegate engagement teams make sure that the right delegates sit around the table with you. They may be prospects you actively want to start a conversation with, or simply the kind of people whose insights you need to inform your marketing direction. We look after all of that for you.

And you don’t have to guide the conversation. We have a pool of skilled moderators who are themselves senior figures in technology, security and data, and who can drive the conversation, recognise interesting tangents to explore, and bring the conversations back to your central agenda.

What’s in it for you?

The classic question. Well, as a delegate or a host, you get to both ask and answer the important questions that matter to your business. Some involve practicalities like ‘how do I instill security best practice in a global workforce?’ to broader questions about upcoming methodologies like ‘what does ‘everything as code’ even mean?’ And you get to hear real answers from people who are doing the job day in day out.

Ask yourself, when does that happen? When do you get that level of access? Certainly not without expert help, diligent support and a highly personable approach from people who love what they do. Here at Rela8 Group we run over 25 roundtables a month alongside trusted vendor partners and hosts, and welcome over 150 delegates to join in these thought-provoking discussions. Start your journey with us today.


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