TLC TV Episode 4: The Ripple Effect

TLC TV Episode 4: The Ripple Effect

This month, we hosted our final TLC TV episode of the year, certain we would be ending 2021 with a bang. Partnering with Talend, we looked at data health and the impacts that healthy data can have on businesses, culture, and community.

We had the pleasure of being joined by Ann-Christel Graham, Chief Revenue Officer at Talend, and Damian Bunyan, Chief Information Officer at Uniper – both filled to the brim with experience and insights on data health. Not only that, but we also enjoyed an exclusive interview with Randy Bean, Author of Fail Fast, Learn Faster, so to say we were spoiled is an understatement! As ever, our host Emmanuel Sonubi charmed our guests as we learnt more about their experiences with data health, and also that one time Ann-Christel jumped out of a plane!

There isn’t a business in the world today that isn’t currently wrangling with data health. As Randy so eloquently put it:

Making sure that you have healthy data that ties to business value is really the fundamental key to success
Randy Bean

It was fascinating to hear these titans answer our front-row VIP’s questions (all virtually of course, we’re not quite out of those woods yet) on everything from data hierarchy to the impacts of data health on the end user.

A key issue that elicited a lot of nodding heads was the culture change towards data that needs to happen in business. Damian emphasised the responsibility that the entire community has over their data and that companies need to be doing more to ensure that the value of data is something understood by the entire business from the top down, a sentiment echoed by Ann-Christel and everyone else who had joined our discussion.

As our society becomes increasingly digital, we are seeing a massive surge in new data streams and the growing importance of data for modern businesses. As a result, it was clear that everybody talking had faced or was facing the same challenges. This type of camaraderie is what we love to see at TLC TV. Bringing the community together to share their struggles and successes and having some truly productive conversations that lead to more than a few penny-drop moments.

The show concluded with a note of hope. I like to think everyone left the show buoyed by the knowledge that the challenges they are facing with their data health are not unique to them, and there is an entire community out there who are more than happy to support! Of all the takeaways however, perhaps none are more shocking than the revelation that Randy Bean is a boxer and could definitely beat us all in a fight!

The full episode is available here.

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