US and Europe advance talks to protect data transfers | United Nations breach Is REvil back online?

13th September

US and Europe Advance Talks to Protect Data Transfers

The US and the EU are trying to avoid any disruption to company data transfers by resolving an ongoing and long-running conflict between the strict data privacy laws in the EU and surveillance measures in the US. Talks will continue this week in Brussels.

It is hoped that an agreement can be reached that will let firms continue to store and access personal information about Europeans on US soil. These negotiations are important to companies like Facebook and thousands of others.

Firms may be able to continue to store and access personal information about Europeans on US soil.
Wall Street Journal

United Nations Breached

It is thought that the hackers gained access to the United Nations network by using a stolen username and password of a U.N. employee purchased from the Dark Web. Using these credentials, the hackers were able to gain further access into the U.N. network. The account used by the hackers did not have multifactor authentication. The breach was discovered by the cybersecurity firm Resecurity. The earliest known date that the hacker’s gained access was April 5th, and they were still active in the U.N. network as recent as August 7th.

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, said in a statement. “The United Nations is frequently targeted by cyberattacks, including sustained campaigns. We can also confirm that further attacks have been detected and are being responded to that are linked to the earlier breach.”

Dark Web
Hackers gained access to the UN network with a stolen username and password of a U.N. employee

REvil Back Online?

Researchers at CrowdStrike have reported that one of the most prolific ransomware groups in recent memory has suddenly put their main extortion website and payment portal back online.

Currently, nothing has been observed to suggest that the ransomware group, known as REvil, has targeted any new victims. But the decision to bring back its leak website suggests that the group is getting ready to resume operations following them shutting down all operations two months ago.

While they may be getting ready to resume operations, their servers could have been turned back on by mistake, or due to actions of law enforcement. Seeing as they have been quite an outspoken group in the past, we may well hear from them soon as to whether they really are back in business.

It's suggested that REvil is getting ready to resume operations
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