Weekly News Highlights | Interpol to police the Metaverse, Italy flag a global ransomware attack, UK announces plans to regulate crypto

February 6th

Interpol investigating how to police the metaverse

Jurgen Stock, the Interpol secretary general, has stated that Interpol is investigating how they might police the metaverse.

With the technology evolving so rapidly, Interpol is keen to quickly establish the understanding and regulations required for this new paradigm.

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Italy flag a global ransomware attack

Italy's National Cybersecurity Agency flagged a ransomware attack targeting a VMWare vulnerability in servers across Italy as well as other countries such as France and the US.

A spokesperson for VMWare said that a patch was issued when it discovered the vulnerability all the way back in February 2021 and they continue to urge organisations to apply the patch if they haven't done so already.

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UK announces plans to regulate crypto

The UK Government has announced plans to establish a new roadmap for regulations in the crypto space, the goal of which is to bring crypto in line with the regulations of traditional financial institutions.

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