Weekly News Highlights | TikTok under fire, former UK party leaders call for digital ID, Australia reforming cyber security approach

February 27th

TikTok under fire

A few weeks ago we highlighted reports that US states were increasingly banning TikTok from official government devices, now Europe is following suit.

In a string of bad news for the Chinese social media platform: TikTok has been temporarily banned from EU Commission phones, it's under investigation by Canadian privacy authorities, and a ban on its usage by government officials is being called for in the UK!

All of these measures are of course in response to concerns around cyber security as well as the organisation's handling of user data.

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2 former UK party leaders call for digital IDs

Former PM, Tony Blair, and the leader of his opposition, William Hague, have joined forces to call for the introduction of digital ID for UK citizens.

The plan for the new ID would combine passports, driving licences, tax records, qualifications, and right-to-work status into one ID, accessible on your phone.

The introduction of such an ID would represent a significant shift in the UK's approach to technology and social identity.

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Australia reforming cyber security approach

After a series of high profile breaches and attacks to Australian based organisations, the Australian government has announced plans to overhaul its cyber security approach.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had this to say:

"[current cyber security rules] are simply not at the level we need them to be [...] It's a rapidly evolving threat, and for too many years Australia has been off the pace"

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