An interview with Mike Kiersey - Integration, optimisation, and resilience

Being able to deliver high-quality integrated customer experiences is quickly becoming the deciding factor for whether or not a business will thrive in today's society.

It makes sense then that optimising data and developing these transformative experiences should be at the top of the to-do list for every organisation's CIO.

After making a splash as a sponsor for TLC Connect, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Boomi's Director of Global Technology, Mike Kiersey, to discuss how businesses are staying competitive, why customer experience is more important than ever, and what the key messages are for businesses today.

As organisations grow from everything from a start up to being a large enterprise, there are pockets of data excellences or silos of data that's not necessarily shared across the broader aspect of the organisation, and I think harmonising that data is going to give a competitive advantage as they drill into that.
Mike Kiersey - Director of Global Technology, Boomi
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