Experiential Event Highlights - Summer-Autumn 2022

84 days left of 2022!

As we continue to charge through 2022, we want to make sure we are properly celebrating what has been a remarkable year for our live events.

We've been at Wembley enjoying some of the biggest names on the planet, we've been all over Europe hosting dinners at 5* restaurants, and we continue to bring our community together at amazing events like TLC TV. Here are some of our favourite photos captured over just the last few months.


In September we were back again with episode 6 of TLC TV, partnering with our friends at Talend discussing how to use data to make the uncertain, certain. With our first ever live audience, this was a show to remember!

Our panel were getting on like a house on fire before we started recording
The live audience certainly kept our host on his toes!
What would a live event be without drinks and canapes after?

Private dinners

Our private dinners continue to be a huge hit with our community. So much so that we've been back in London and Paris so frequently recently that they are starting to feel like homes away from home! Still, nothing quite matches the sharing of insights and challenges with your peers over a delicious meal in some of the most stunning cities in the world. 

Nothing but smiling faces from this lot
A touch of Parisian elegance really sets a scene
The London skyline at sunset made for the perfect dessert


Playing host to everything from podcast recordings to sports events and concerts - having Wembley at our fingertips has continued to allow us to bring our community and client partners together for some truly incredible events, with plenty more to come!

Like them or not, you can't deny that Coldplay know how to put on a show
Not to be outdone, Ed Sheeran can serenade with the best of them
You don't see many football matches like England vs Germany at Wembley... We did though
Roundtable discussion over? Time for the show!

These photos are just a snapshot of some of the incredible experiences we have provided for our community this year, stay tuned for a lot more to come.

If you are interested in working with us to bring your brand to life with experiences your prospective customers will never forget, get in touch.

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