Top 10 trends and challenges for the tech industry | January 2022

January 2022

Here at the Technology Leaders Club, we pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse of the tech industry. Supported by our fantastic delegate community and vendor partners, we ensure that if something is on the minds of the industry’s best and brightest, we know about it and are already preparing a roundtable discussion to tackle it.

With that said, here is a list of the top 10 trends and challenges recently that have our community buzzing:

10. Developing mobile applications securely with good governance in mind

For B2C businesses, the future is mobile applications. Therefore, ensuring that these projects are developed with security in mind is a growing priority.

9. Getting project buy-in and measuring success

Whether you are migrating cloud providers or beefing up security, large and costly IT projects are often regarded with scepticism. Navigating this and ensuring company buy-in is a challenge for our community across the board.

8. Maintaining security compliance and flexibility in the face of new regulations

More and more governing bodies are putting forward their own data security regulations, flouting which can result in hefty fines and reputational damage. Ensuring that their organisations can stay abreast of new regulations is becoming essential.

7. Automation and AI

Businesses can be transformed with effective implementation of automation and AI, allowing businesses to process their data faster, get better actionable insights, and stay competitive. It’s no surprise that everyone is interested in exploring how AI can work for them.

6. Migrating from legacy data centres to hybrid cloud and on-premises solutions

Everyone is somewhere along the cloud transformation journey but shifting legacy systems and re-engineering projects continues to be an ongoing battle for many.

5. Managing security debt

As businesses modernise and transform, the technical debt that builds up generates security risks for organisations. Quickly and effectively discovering these gaps and securing the business is a major concern for our CISO cohort.

4. How best to leverage SaaS and other tools to stay competitive while being secure

The business landscape is changing rapidly. Being even slightly behind the competition with tool or service implementation can have major consequences. Promoting business agility while ensuring security is a key focus for many of our community.

3. Shifting left and implementing DevSecOps

Business cultures are shifting, and security teams are inserting themselves into business decisions earlier and earlier. Our community is working hard to drive data democratisation and champion this new culture of IT and security being business enablers.

2. Ransomware threats

Ransomware is a problem that is only growing in scope and complexity. Businesses are constantly working hard to ensure they stay above water and are looking for any help they can find in the fight against it.

1. Identity Access Management, zero trust, and creating secure environments for staff and customers

Staff and customers alike are overwhelmed with passwords, the vulnerability of which is all too easily exploited. Creating secure, frictionless environments is more important than ever with increasing cyber risk and remote working becoming the new normal.

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