Weekly News Highlights | charity data stolen in cyber attack, AI moves into medicine, FBI warns of 'juice jacking'

March 17th

Charity data stolen in cyber attack

After a ransomware attack last month, it has been announced that data has been stolen from Derry-based IT company, Evide, who manage data for charitable organisations across Ireland and the UK.

The Irish National Cyber Crime Bureau is working to advise the affected organisations and investigations are underway.

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AI moves into medicine

Outside the drama of ChatGPT and other hot topic AI tools, elsewhere AI is being leveraged to help the pharmaceutical sector.

A recent report from the BBC has highlighted the work being conducted by Israeli health-tech firm, Genetika+, who has turned to AI to improve the process of matching the most appropriate medicines to patients.

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FBI warns of 'juice jacking'

The FBI have issued a warning to the public about the risk of 'juice jacking'.

'Juice jacking' is the hi-jacking of publicly available USB ports such as charging stations to introduce malware and monitoring software on to devices.

To minimise this risk, they recommend carrying your own charger and USB cord and using an outlet.

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