Weekly News Highlights | hacker marketplace resists takedown, foreign investment in UK tech slumps, warnings of UK's failure with AI

May 15th

Hacker marketplace resists takedown

Despite announcements that the hacker marketplace had been taken down, the Genesis Market continues to operate.

Last month an international police operation announced that they had expunged the Genesis Market - a website specialising in the selling of login details, IP addresses, and more - from the internet.

However, Genesis remains very much active on the darknet and researchers at cyber security firm, Netacea, report that the website was only disrupted for a few weeks.

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Foreign investment in UK tech slumps

Overseas support for UK tech projects has slumped by 23% from previous years. These findings come at an awkward time with conversations being had about the UK's position in the international tech market with big tech firms such as Microsoft and Revolut recently expressing dismay with the UK's handling of tech interests.

It's not all doom and gloom though, despite tech support shrinking, the UK remains one of the top receivers of overseas investment and software and IT services are generating the most new jobs of all sectors.

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Warnings of UK's failure with AI

Professor Stuart Russell, former advisor to both Downing Street and the White House, has spoken out about the UK's "light touch" on AI regulation.

Russell warns that in favouring the lighter approach to AI, the UK government is sleepwalking into the territory of "existential threat":

"How do you maintain power over entities more powerful than you – forever? If you don’t have an answer, then stop doing the research. It’s as simple as that.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: if we don’t control our own civilisation, we have no say in whether we continue to exist."

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