Weekly News Highlights | AI generated attacks go mainstream, E2E encryption at risk in the UK, Google claim AI to boost economy by £400 billion

July 10th

AI generated attacks go mainstream

As AI rapidly evolves in the public consciousness, there have been growing concerns over how the technology could be used. These concerns have now been realised in the UK with public champion and finance expert, Martin Lewis, being used as the face of a deepfake scam.

The scam itself is an AI generated video where 'Martin Lewis' appears to be promoting a hoax investment opportunity backed by Elon Musk. Lewis quickly responded to the hoax calling it "an absolutely terrifying development" as this technology will only get more convincing.

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E2E encryption at risk in the UK

The UK Government's Online Safety Bill has again come under fire as it progresses through the House of Lords towards the final stages before being passed into law.

In an open letter, 68 IT, security, and privacy experts in the UK have warned of the risk posed by the OSB to digital communications with the broad surveillance powers provided by the bill risking the integrity of end-to-end encryption.

Big tech has also waded in, with Apple warning of the risk to UK citizens and Meta doubling-down on end-to-end encryption reinforcing their stance that they would sooner withdraw their services than compromise security. These services at risk in the UK include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Meta's new platform Threads.

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Google claims AI to boost economy by £400 billion

In their annual economic report, Google have estimated that generative AI has the potential to boost the UK company by a whopping £400 billion by 2030!

Google emphasise the role that generative AI tools will play in saving hours of resource on simple administrative tasks and expanding the workforce as an assistive tool for those with disabilities.

Google has recently launched it's own AI tool, Bard, and are making big investments into AI themselves.

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