Weekly News Highlights | lawyers in hot water thanks to AI, infamous hacking site taken down, NHS in bid for AI funding

June 26th

Lawyers in hot water thanks to AI

A pair of lawyers from New York have fallen into the trap of implicitly trusting information produced by AI and are now facing the consequences.

Steven Schwartz and his colleague Peter LoDuca have been fined for submitting a legal brief researched by ChatGPT. While this itself is not a serious issue, the AI program had taken the liberty of fabricating several legal precedents to support the brief which were of course swiftly noticed when submitted to the court.

It would appear that the enterprising lawyers looking to streamline their research did very little at all to vet the AI's findings as not only were large portions of it completely fictitious, the judge presiding also noted that portions of the brief were "gibberish" and "nonsensical".

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Infamous hacking site taken down

US federal authorities have seized the domain of the notorious hacking site BreachForums, 3 months after arresting the site's administrator.

While this is a big win and disrupts the online cybercriminal community, it isn't the end of BreachForums just yet. Earlier this month the forum resurfaced on a new domain with a new admin re-establishing the BreachForums community.

But the story doesn't end there! Earlier this week the new BreachForums was itself subject to an attack with the personal data of more than 4,200 members including nicknames, the associated email addresses, IP addresses, social media handles, scrambled passwords and other data being leaked!

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NHS in bid for AI funding

The UK's National Health Service has been invited to bid for a share of £21 million in government funding to integrate AI systems.

Technology as a means of driving efficiency, particularly in labouring public sectors, has long been a target for the government, this money would help trusts fund the transformations required to implement new AI diagnostic tools.

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