Weekly News Highlights | Microsoft wants ChatGPT, Royal Mail hack linked back to Russia, TikTok banned for government officials

January 16th

Microsoft is looking to add ChatGPT to Office 365

OpenAI's controversial AI chat bot continues to make news headlines, this week because one of the biggest organisations in the world is looking to add the ChatGPT tool to its services.

Microsoft has reportedly made significant financial investments in OpenAI and is hoping to get it added to the Office 365 suite. This inclusion could mean significant changes for the millions who rely on Office 365, but only time will tell whether or not AI will ever meaningfully change the way we work.

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Royal Mail hit by Russian ransomware attack

There has been severe disruption in Royal Mail's overseas deliveries as a result of a ransomware attack that has been linked back to Russia. This attack comes at an already turbulent time for the organisation who has also had to contend with recent strike action.

Royal Mail is still currently unable to send deliveries overseas and has warned that there is no end in sight for the disruption. The National Crime Agency and National Cyber Security Centre are working with Royal Mail to understand the wider impact. 

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US states ban TikTok from government owned devices

Kentucky has recently become another of the more than 20 US states to ban TikTok from the phones of its government officials.

These states banned the popular Chinese app on the grounds of cyber security concerns, despite TikTok's repeated assurances that personal data cannot be accessed or manipulated by the Chinese government.

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