Weekly News Highlights | OpenAI optimistic on global coordination, Twitter isn't paying its bills, MOVEit hack continues to cause chaos

June 12th

OpenAI optimistic on global coordination

At a time where AI dominates the news cycles and governments around the world are scrambling to understand and regulate it, Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT developer OpenAI is feeling confident that cooperation is possible.

After partnering with Microsoft, Altman has been a tour discussing AI with governments and groups around the world and as his trip wraps up, had the following to say:

"I came to the trip sceptical that it was going to be possible in the short term to get global cooperation to reduce existential risk but I am now wrapping up the trip feeling quite optimistic we can get it done." 

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Twitter isn't paying its bills

In a growing dispute between the 2 tech giants, Twitter is refusing to honour their $1 billion contract with Google for cloud hosting services.

Twitter is due to move to an alternative cloud hosting platform when their contract ends at the end of June, but the transition is proving challenging and there are concerns for Twitter users' safety in the interim.

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MOVEit hack continues to cause chaos

Last week we highlighted a newly reported vulnerability in the MOVEit file transfer system that was found being exploited by cyber attackers. This week, the fallout is emerging as organisations around the world report being hit.

In the UK, media watchdog Ofcom has announced that confidential data about some companies regulated by Ofcom, as well as personal information from 412 employees was downloaded during the mass hack. Boots, British Airways, and the BBC were other high profile targets now being held to ransom.

Responsibility for the attacks is being claimed by infamous Russian cyber-criminal group, Clop.

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