Weekly News Highlights | police details hacked, UK sets out new AI principles, cyber attack shuts down MGM

September 18th

Police details hacked

The personal details of Manchester police officers have been hacked in a cyber attack targeting a third-party firm that provides ID cards for various organisations including the Manchester police force.

The incident is known to the force and while they believe no information outside of identities was accessed, their key concern is now for the identities of any undercover officers now at risk.

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UK sets out new AI principles

Keen to position themselves as world leaders in the AI regulation race, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out their guiding principles for regulating AI competition.

In the report by the CMA, they emphasise the importance of ensuring that AI developers are accountable for their output, while access to services, diversity within the market, choice and flexibility are also key focuses alongside a push for fair dealing and transparency.

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Cyber attack shuts down MGM

MGM, a hotel and entertainment titan of the Las Vegas Strip, has been offline for days now after an attack by the Scattered Spider hacking group.

The attack has caused widespread disruption impacting everything from the slot machines to digital room keys, forcing MGM to take their systems offline while they battled to resolve the issue. In the meantime, staff have resorted to pen & paper to get things done.

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