Weekly News Highlights | Russian hackers claim more victims, breakthrough for quantum computers, MoD partners with Google for AI

June 19th

Russian hackers claim more victims

The last few weeks we have been following the updates on the now infamous MOVEit hack that has hit organisations around the globe.

Russian hacker group Clop have claimed responsibility and this last week has seen them start to publish the names of organisations they have stolen data from. The list currently stands at 26 organisations including banks, universities, and US federal bodies.

If that weren't enough for Russian hackers, another group known as LockBit have this week taken ownership of a cyber attack that targeted Indian pharma firm Granules.

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Breakthrough for quantum computers

Scientists have long anticipated the days where quantum computers would be able to process entirely new types of calculations and begin to live up to their revolutionary potential. It seems that day may be coming soon.

The hurdle that has faced quantum computers is their high rate of error that disturbs quantum bits and holds them back. However, a recent study has shown the ability to mitigate these errors in a way that would allow for a quantum computer to complete calculations currently beyond the abilities of existing computers.

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MoD partners with Google for AI

The UK's Ministry of Defence has signed a deal with Google to adopt its AI technology for the defence sector.

If that sounds terrifying to you, don't worry too much - Google has already pledged not to allow its AI to be used for weapons. Instead this collaboration is intended to bolster the defence department for cyber security, research, and disaster response.

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