Weekly News Highlights | Schools Hacked, UK Back in Space, Combatting AI Cheats

January 9th

Schools hit by cyber attack and documents leaked

It has been reported that as a result of hacks last year, confidential documents from 14 schools around the country have been leaked online by the hacking group, Vice Society.

For some schools, everything from student passports to staff pay were up for grabs on the dark web.

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The UK prepares for its first orbital rocket launch

At around 10PM on Monday 9th January, the Start Me Up mission sets out from Spaceport Cornwall in what will be the first orbital launch from UK soil.

A modified Boeing 747, aptly named Cosmic Girl, will carry the rocket up before it launches into space. Once there, the rocket will be used to deploy several new satellites into orbit.

The event will be livestreamed online for those interested in watching.

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Combatting AI cheats

With tools like ChatGPT taking the internet by storm, how easy is it for people to turn their impressive capabilities towards cheating?

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