Weekly News Highlights | schools warned of cyberattack threat, Google brings generative AI to its security, the NCSC gives AI chatbot warning

September 4th

Schools warned of cyberattack threat

The new school year has begun and with that comes new warnings of opportunistic attackers.

The National Cyber Security Centre has warned schools to establish "appropriate security measures" as the new term begins and the unique period of change presented by a new school year offers opportunities for criminals looking to exploit easy targets.

Attackers have already targeted a school in Suffolk, successfully taking their computer facilities offline before the new term could even start.

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Google brings generative AI to its security

Google announced it would be bringing several generative AI enhancements to its security products at this year's Google Cloud Next event.

Steph Hay, the head of UX for Google Cloud Security, had this to say:

“We’re really trying to supercharge security with generative AI to mitigate threats, and in particular prevent downstream impacts that our practitioners face today, to reduce the toil that the security teams deal with having to manage a growing attack surface, and really bridge the cyber talent gap.”

“AI is enabling security teams to improve their security posture by generating AI summaries to describe threats, by searching for patterns in security data to identify if teams have been targeted or companies have been targeted, and finally, by recommending actions to take both in response to active threats and also to proactively improve security posture.”

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The NCSC gives AI chatbot warning

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released a warning to businesses looking to integrate AI powered chatbots urging them to be cautious.

They point towards the risks of giving large language models access to sensitive company information as well as "prompt injection" attacks that would allow malicious hackers to obtain unauthorised access and trick chatbots.

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