Weekly News Highlights | Scottish uni hit by ransomware, companies double down on AI, Google leads green tech charge

July 31st

Scottish uni hit by ransomware

After a "cyber incident" earlier in July, the University of West Scotland's data is now being held to ransom by the Rhysida cyber gang who are demanding £450,000 worth of bitcoin to prevent the data being sold to the highest bidder.

According the Rhysida, the data they stole includes personal staff data such as bank details and national insurance numbers, as well as internal university documents.

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Companies double down on AI

Despite the faltering public opinion of generative AI, organisations are doubling down. AI was a key trend across Q2 earnings reports, being referenced repeatedly by organisations such as Intel and Microsoft.

The huge rise in organisations making plans for AI reflects the industrial optimism around the use of AI to provide new services and boost efficiency.

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Google leads green tech charge

With conversations around sustainability becoming increasingly important in the tech space, Google leads the way in their annual environmental report.

For the sixth year in a row, Google has matched 100% of its annual global electricity use with renewable energy purchases. The report is also candid in their struggles, highlighting water consumption challenges for cooling their global server network.

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