Weekly News Highlights | tech firms struggle to retain diverse staff, Met police investigating breach, survey shows public aren't concerned about ChatGPT

August 29th

Tech firms struggle to retain diverse staff

Despite the belief that diversity and inclusion strategies are working well, new research has shown that almost two-thirds of tech firms are struggling to retain diverse staff.

Of a survey of 300 senior managers, 64% of participants reported they had lost tech employees from diverse backgrounds. Alongside this, of the 1,000 young tech professionals surveyed, 60% said they have felt uncomfortable at their workplace due to their gender, ethnicity, disability, or socio-economic background.

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Met police investigating breach

The Metropolitan Police are investigating a possible data breach after "unauthorised access" was gained to the systems of one of its suppliers.

The supplier contained data on names, ranks, photos, vetting levels, and pay numbers for officers and staff. The Met are still working to understand what, if any, data had been accessed.

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Survey shows public aren't concerned about ChatGPT

Despite the near constant buzz around AI in the news, a survey conducted on the American public revealed that only 18% of those polled have ever used ChatGPT.

While this might still be an impressive ascent into the public consciousness for a relatively new technology, it certainly isn't reflective of the media attention it has garnered. Further findings revealed that only 19% of employed people who’d heard of the model thought it would affect their job in a major way, and 27% expect no impact whatsoever. Interestingly, only 15% thought it would be helpful at all.

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