Weekly News Highlights | TikTok opens EU data centre, UK government makes concession on encryption, cyber insurance premiums rise while coverage shrinks

September 11th

TikTok opens EU data centre

Fears of Chinese spying over TikTok have spurred a number of governments around the world to place bans on its usage for certain groups. In an attempt to assuage these fears, the giant Chinese social media platform have announced they would be opening a data centre in Dublin.

All European users' data will be migrated to Dublin where it will be protected from concerns about the Chinese government requesting access.

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UK government makes concession on encryption

After months of coming to blows with tech giants over the controversial new Online Safety Bill, the UK government have conceded that their proposals are not “technically feasible”.

The bill would require organisations such as Meta and Apple to provide access to encrypted messages in the name of security, something they have pushed back on stating it would undermine the security of all users.

Now the minister for arts and heritage, Stephen Parkinson, has been forced to concede that the government's plan to scan encrypted messages for harmful content such as child sexual abuse material is not technically feasible with current technology.

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Cyber insurance premiums rise while coverage shrinks

A recently released survey of over 300 organisations in the United States has revealed that nearly 80% of organisations have seen their insurance costs increase. 67% of those who had seen an increase revealed their premiums has increased between a staggering 50% to 100%.

Alongside these growing premiums, insurers are also reducing their exposure by limiting their coverages and voiding coverage for a growing list of reasons such as a lack of security protocols or human error.

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