Weekly News Highlights | Twitter source code leaked, massive tech layoffs continue, ransomware victims come forward

March 27th

Twitter source code leaked

Hot on the heels of Elon Musk's dramatic admission that Twitter is worth less than half of what he paid for it last year, Twitter suffers another blow as source code for the social media platform leaks online.

It is not yet known how the code initially leaked, only that it was posted to GitHub from an account named 'FreeSpeechEnthusiast'. GitHub have already taken action and removed the code from their site.

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Massive tech layoffs continue

Following on from the mass layoffs earlier this year, tech companies continue to shed staff en masse despite posting profits.

Big names include Amazon who have recently announced a large cull of 9,000 jobs, and Meta who are cutting 10,000.

While the impact to workers is devastating, fears of the tech bubble bursting may be unfounded as a report from financial services company, Jefferies, points out that these layoffs, in spite of profits, are more to do with massive headcount growth during the pandemic coming up against slower growth than anticipated.

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Ransomware victims come forward

Ransomware continues to demonstrate why it so regularly stars in the nightmares of security experts as Russia-linked cybercrime gang, Clop, has hit a growing number of organisations in a mass-ransomware attack.

Clop claim to have hit 130 organisations, slowly adding details to their dark web leak site.

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