Weekly News Highlights | Zoom ends work from home, India backs data privacy bill, LetMeSpy killed by hacker

August 7th

Zoom ends work from home

Zoom, the heroes of remote working during the pandemic, has asked staff to return to the office to embrace a structured hybrid approach.

Workers who live a "commutable distance" from a Zoom office have been told that they will need to come in to the office for designated team days moving forward. This ironic turn of events comes as Zoom's profits slide in a post-pandemic landscape and the business has been forced to let go of staff.

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India backs data privacy bill

The Indian government has greenlit new data privacy legislation, despite criticism from a number of independent bodies that it grants the central government too much power.

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, makes it so that companies collecting user data must obtain explicit user consent before processing it. However, it also includes “certain legitimate uses” as an exemption for data collection without user consent.

The bill also covers digital personal information, even if it takes place outside of India, as long as it relates to providing goods or services to Indian individuals. The government then has the power to decide which countries are and are not allowed to receive personal data from users.

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LetMeSpy killed by hacker

Polish spyware maker has announced that it will shut down at the end of August after a data breach in June wiped out its server.

As a result of the attack, it is no longer possible to log in or sign up for a new account, nor is the LetMeSpy app available for download or even functional.

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