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White Hat’s Unforgettable Day campaign

Rela8 Group are delighted to have contributed towards White Hat’s Unforgettable Day campaign, which raised £70,000 for NSPCC Childline.

Security at the Speed of DevOps

Attackers move at speed and DevOps needs to too. In a In a fast- moving, content- packed presentation by Adam McMurchie, the Head of DevOps at Barclays Bank during the recent UK Elite CISO Summit, delegates were given some top tips.

Pulling Our SOCs Up - Optimising Performance through Evolution

Has the alarm gone off yet? No, I’m not talking about when your SOC dashboard starts to flash the red alert. This one is bigger. It’s probably nagging you from your gut.

Could the Google Genie be Answering the CISOs’ Wishes?

How do you keep up? Really. The evolution of AI attacks means the challenge of the threat grows by the day with greater volumes of data to sift, analyse and mitigate.

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