Our Story

Rela8 Group Limited is a private limited company that operates primarily in the technology sector, focusing on serving technology leaders and C-level executives. Incorporated on August 19, 2016, and based in Bath, England, the company is active in organizing conferences and creating platforms for business leaders to connect, collaborate, and innovate​​​​.

The core activities of Rela8 Group revolve around providing platforms for identifying challenges, connecting with innovators, and understanding future business directions. We offer various programs and events aimed at fostering B2B interactions and collaborations. Key offerings include:

Technology Leaders Club: A central aspect of Rela8 Group’s operations, focusing on peer-to-peer learning and networking for IT leaders such as CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, etc. It emphasizes disruptive technologies and innovative solutions in IT, security, digital, and data​​.

TLC Connect Global Summit Series: These are cyber security and data summits organized across various regions, including Benelux, DACH, East Coast US, and the UK, aimed at providing unique and refreshing perspectives on relevant topics​​.

Virtual Roundtables: 90-minute sessions bringing together prospective customers for discussions to establish relationships and address common challenges​​.

Private Dinners and Breakfast Briefings: These are more intimate events for pre-qualified customers, aimed at facilitating discussions and networking in a relaxed setting​​​​.

Unique Experiences: Rela8 Group also organizes exclusive experiences like Wembley Box Experiences and Track Day Experiences, which offer VIP treatments and memorable activities for clients​​​​.

Focused Summits: They host specialized summits such as the TLC Connect series, focusing on specific roles within the technology sector, like CISO and CDO discussions​​.

Overall we focus on creating valuable connections and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the technology leadership community, leveraging various formats of events and media to engage their audience.

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