Weekly News Highlights | January 15th

Josh Porter

State-backed hackers exploit new zero-days

US software company Ivanti has identified two critical-rated vulnerabilities affecting their widely-used corporate VPN that won’t be patched until the end of the month despite the vulnerabilities already being maliciously exploited.

Ivanti claim they are aware of fewer than 10 of their customers who have been affected so far. One of those impacted was Volexity who found that hackers had chained together the two Ivanti Connect Secure vulnerabilities to achieve unauthenticated remote code execution, allowing the hackers to steal configuration data, modify existing files, download remote files, and reverse tunnel from the ICS VPN appliance.

Ivanti is urging potentially impacted organisations to prioritise following its mitigation guidance while they wait for the patches later this month.

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Rela8 Group Weekly News Ivanti Vulnerability Zero Day

OpenAI quietly removes wording around military usage

OpenAI have quietly changed the wording around its usage policy, removing a ban on any activity that involves a high risk of physical harm, including “weapons development” and “military and warfare”.

While the policy update retains an injunction not to “use our service to harm yourself or others,” and provides as an example of this the us of AI to “develop or use weapons”, the initial blanket ban on “military and warfare” use has vanished.

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Rela8 Group Weekly News OpenAI AI Military Policy

AI to hit 40% of jobs

According to a new analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), AI is set to impact nearly 40% of all jobs globally and will likely worsen overall inequality.

The IMF highlighted that in advanced economies this number sits closer to 60% and only in half of these instances is AI expected to benefit workers. In other instances they predict it is more likely to result in lower demand for labour, lower wages, and job losses.

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