Unlock Event Success: Why Outsourcing Small Events is Your Secret Weapon

Whilst not being in the small birthday parties for pets business, I have looked previously at why small focused events can offer distinct advantage for marketers. The next choice you can make is to outsource small events. Running a small event offers marketers the opportunity to create a highly engaging, personalised, and cost-effective experience for a targeted audience. Outsourcing the planning and execution of such events to professional event management companies can amplify these benefits by leveraging their expertise, resources, and efficiency. This approach allows marketers to focus on strategic activities while ensuring the event is executed flawlessly, ultimately leading to better outcomes and higher ROI.

Expertise and Experience

1 – Professional Execution: Event management companies bring expertise and experience, ensuring the event runs smoothly and professionally.

2 – Creative Ideas: Professionals can offer creative ideas and innovative solutions that may not be evident to an in-house team. Do you find yourself repeating the same approach each time?

Resource Management

3 – Focus on Core Activities: Outsourcing allows the marketing team to focus on their core activities, such as strategy development and client engagement, rather than getting bogged down in the logistical details of event planning. One person running late due to a meeting? Leave it to others to chase whilst you engage with the people who are already at your event!

4 – Access to Resources: Event planners have access to a network of vendors, venues, and technology that can enhance the event experience.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

5 – Streamlined Process: Experienced event planners have established processes and relationships that can streamline the planning and execution process, saving time and reducing stress. They can walk you through the steps to ensure success.

6 – Troubleshooting: Professionals are adept at troubleshooting and handling unexpected issues, ensuring the event remains on track. That one person who was in a meeting is now stuck on a train and might miss a course at your dinner. Leave it with others to manage that!

Scalability and Flexibility

7 – Adaptability: Outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale the event up or down based on changing needs without committing internal resources.

8 – Cost Management: It can often be more cost-effective to outsource, as the event management company can leverage economies of scale and negotiate better rates with vendors. It also can mean setting up one PO and one agreement rather than multiple ones for each element of an event and your time is valuable!

Dominic Jukes - Marketing Director - Rela8 Group
Dominic Jukes
Marketing Director at Rela8 Group | Website

I've been working in Sales & Marketing in tech for a long time. Companies focused on GIS, 3d Design, Cybersecurity and Tech Skills Development. Now leading the Marketing function at Rela8 Group.

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