Weekly News Highlights – Dec 11th 2023

Meta rolls out E2EE.
Tech companies and the UK Government have been butting heads over end-to-end encryption ever since the controversial Online Safety Bill was first proposed. When it became law in October, there were a lot of debates about what would happen to services like WhatsApp and iMessage that had stated in no uncertain terms that they would sooner pull out of the UK than compromise the security of E2EE for their users.
Suffice to say, no drastic withdrawals have been made just yet, but now Meta has rolled out E2EE as default for personal chats on Messenger on Facebook, the conversation has been reignited.

Dominic Jukes - Marketing Director - Rela8 Group
Dominic Jukes
Marketing Director at Rela8 Group | Website

I've been working in Sales & Marketing in tech for a long time. Companies focused on GIS, 3d Design, Cybersecurity and Tech Skills Development. Now leading the Marketing function at Rela8 Group.

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