Why small events pack a big punch: 8 key benefits

Marketeers are under pressure to extract maximum return from their budgets which can lead to leveraging the same tactics repeatedly and overlooking why small focused events can offer several distinct advantages, providing value in ways that larger events may not.

Here are 8 key benefits for going small.

Personalisation and Engagement

1 – Intimate Atmosphere: Small events allow for a more intimate and personalised experience, which can lead to deeper connections with attendees. This is especially important with 1:Few ABM accounts where ‘old school’ account management matters.
2 – Direct Interaction: Marketers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can engage directly with participants, allowing for meaningful conversations and personalised feedback.
3 – Tailored Content: The content can be more easily tailored to the specific interests and needs of a smaller audience, increasing relevance and impact.

Quality Over Quantity

4 – Targeted Audience: A smaller event can be designed to attract a highly targeted group of attendees who are more likely to be interested in the product or service as well as the other attendees present.
5 – Higher Conversion Rates: With a more focused audience, the likelihood of converting attendees into customers or clients can be higher compared to larger, less targeted events. One high quality advocate can often do the selling on your behalf!


6 – Better ROI: With lower costs and a targeted approach, the return on investment (ROI) can be higher.

Flexibility and Experimentation

7 – Agility: Small events are easier to organise and can be more flexible, allowing for quicker adjustments based on feedback or changing circumstances.
8 – Testing Grounds: They can serve as a testing ground for new ideas, formats, or products before scaling up to larger events.

There are more of course and the final one is interesting to me as testing is key in the digital approach but I wonder how often event feedback, approach, style is really looked at and feedback incorporated for the future. Do you just run something similar each time or look to adapt? Share your thoughts on these and what have I missed?

Dominic Jukes - Marketing Director - Rela8 Group
Dominic Jukes
Marketing Director at Rela8 Group | Website

I've been working in Sales & Marketing in tech for a long time. Companies focused on GIS, 3d Design, Cybersecurity and Tech Skills Development. Now leading the Marketing function at Rela8 Group.

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